Romans weapons of war

Romans weapons of war

Rome was an empire and to build an empire requires war and to win a war you need weapons. Weapons come in many different forms. The weapon of words the weapon of fear and just plain old weapons made of metal and wood. The roman army had to find weapons to fit their tactics and fighting style and through time they found what worked best. The Gladius a short sword usually about 18 inches long and 2 inches wide with a double-edged blade used for thrusting at short range used in the parts of close courters combat that sometimes came in battle and made longer weapons useless. For the long range Featured imageweapon they used a javelin with a long thin iron shank with a barbed tip and a heavy shaft these features gave this weapon a armor piercing ability that was devastating when used in the right way they were even hard to throw back because the barbed tip kept it from being pulled out of things and the initial throw would often bend the shank making it impossible to use again. These were also used in formations to create a spikey wall that they could ram up against an enemy with.Featured image Most romans carried two pilum and threw them as they charged enemy soldiers. They wore many other weapons from other forms of spears to daggers that were placed on them in the chance that they get disarmed. It was these weapons that made the romans so fearsome in battle but even more then the weapons was how they used them and how they used them was to completely dominate their enemy to form one of the world’s great empires.


“Mainz Gladius” by Jononmac46 – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

“Uncrossed gladius”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

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